How importance of real-time data monitoring

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“Just in time” to avoid losing your customers, which mean you must have real time data. So how important of real-time monitoring? The answer is: Quickly make key marketing decisions and enable to increase the effectiveness of individual customer interactions. Absolutely, ensure you are providing a good user experience for your customers. What is real-time data […]


Analytics Tool: How to use it. Lets explore now!

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Analytics Tool – Measure & Grow the right way. Nowaday, data-driven world analytics changes everything, so how analytics are used to turn data into insights especially for E-commerce stores. Products analytics and customer analytics are . Therefore the online merchants will make the right decision to increase sales and optimize cost. Ready to check out our Analytics tool? 1. […]

right words

The right words

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1. Words While words are the only tool for online merchants to communicate with customers, they’re often neglected. Little do these merchants know that no matter how much effort he puts into sales, if he does a bad job at selecting keywords, he won’t get found. And so his attempt to bring sales will literally […]